About Liver Medic: Leaky Gut Repair, Liver Detox and more

Brendan Gaughran, Molecular Cell Biologist, M.B.A., Chief Scientist & Product Formulator of Liver Medic.

His mission is to help people heal. Initially he pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry, later rejecting its business model of placing profits before improving the health of people. He turned his attention to natural products using his specialized background in science to formulate products that work.

Our leading liver detox product Hepatiben was born after Brendan took care of a longtime friend suffering from fatty liver. Once he discovered how widespread the problem was and how poorly conventional medicine responded to the condition, he became dedicated to a solution for sufferers of fatty liver.

Having spent many years studying physiology and raw materials, Brendan knew the most efficacious, clean ways to formulate products to maximize healing that only nature can provide. This led to the launching of Hepatiben for liver health.

In the beginning, Liver Medic had intended to focus exclusively on liver health. This changed when Brendan’s wife Laura gave birth to his beautiful daughter in 2016. Laura was plagued with an intense bout of thrush. As a couple, they knew the hazards of taking antibiotics. After months of attempting reduced candida overgrowth with minimal success, they treated and healed her gut lining and the problem went away.

Laura urged Brendan to make Leaky Gut Repair so others wouldn’t needlessly suffer. Liver Medic’s physician network was also requesting a protocol for leaky gut for years. Researching this, Brendan this solution missing in the market and the need for a powerful product like this and so Leaky Gut Repair was born.

All of Liver Medic’s products were born of a need to help a friend or a family member

All of Liver Medic’s products have a similar story. They were inspired by friends and family who had spent thousands of dollars and were still suffering. God has blessed Brendan by putting the right people on his path to lead him to where he is today.

“God bless everyone, good health to you all.” ~ Brendan Gaughran, CEO, Liver Medic