How long do I need to take your supplements?

This all depends. For anyone who has chronic digestive issues or fatty liver our physician network recommends full dose for 2-3 months minimum. For candida overgrowth, this will again depend on severity. A month is minimum.

For maintenance, Hepatiben should be taken twice a year at half dose taking you through the month on one purchase. Leaky Gut Repair should be taken a few times per month or when you are feeling discomfort. Candida Complex should be taken after eating a meal heavy in sugar or carbohydrates – also after taking any antibiotics

How do I know which supplements to take or where to start?

Take Hepatiben if you been diagnosed with fatty liver, have elevated blood sugar or an autoimmune issue.

Take Leaky Gut Repair if you have any of the following symptoms: IBS, diverticulitis, gas, heartburn, SIBO, ulcer, constipation, food sensitivities or diarrhea.
If you have Digestive discomfort: start with Leaky Gut Repair. Additionally, if diet is high in sugar or carbohydrates, consider starting Candida Complex 3-4 days after beginning Leaky Gut Repair. If your diet is low in sugar and carbohydrates, you can ignore the Candida Complex recommendation. If intestinal discomfort is severe you may want to take 4-6 capsules or 4-6 scoops per day of Leaky Gut Repair. Again, this protocol should be followed for 2-3 months for sever cases.

*For most severe cases like diverticulitis or extensive food allergies – consider 2-3x dose for the frist two months, following by normal dosage for 2-3 months after that.

Am I going to have contradictions with my prescription drugs?

Our formulations are developed with common prescriptions in mind. This includes; Metformin, statin drugs various blood pressure prescriptions, etc. However, even though much effort has gone into reducing the risk of contradictions – it would be unethical to state a zero risk. If you are concerned we always suggest you discuss it with a healthcare practitioner.

Do I take these on an empty stomach or food

All of our products have greater efficacy when taken on an empty stomach. Some even have enzymes that could be partially neutralized by food like Candida Complex and Serrapeptase. One of Leaky Gut Repair’s mechanism of action benefits from coating the digestive tract without interference from food. We would only recommend you take food with our supplements if this is your only option due to sensitivity.

What Dosage?

Follow the directions on the bottle – but with the following caveats. Hepatiben is designed for fatty liver – if you are just looking to clean your liver then you take 2 capsules at night not four. If you’re digestive problems are severe, taking 2 -3 times the amount of Leaky Gut Repair has shown to be fast and effective.

Time of day?


Hepatiben: the liver is most active at night so it is best to take it before bed.
Leaky Gut Repair: one of the mechanisms of action is coating the GI tract. Taking it before bed allows this to take place over a longer period of time.
Zen Sleep: this works best 15-20 minutes before bedtime


Candida Complex, Serrapeptase: timing of day or night makes little difference. The main driver to keep in mind is to take them on an empty stomach.
Zen Calm: relieves anxiety whenever it comes up

I am allergic to shellfish, can I take your products?

All but Leaky Gut Repair and Hepatiben. The glucosamine is sourced from the shellfish exoskeleton. It may not create a problem for someone who is sensitive, but if you are allergic, we recommend not taking Leaky Gut Repair.

Are your products GMO Free?

Yes, all our products are GMO free

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