Meet Alison

Where science meets spirituality…


Alison Canavan and Brendan GaughranAlison’s clients have been looking for good quality natural products that work with their struggles of stress and gut issues.

Meanwhile, here at Liver Medic, my clients have been expressing how stressed and overwhelmed they are, and let’s face it, 2020 has been an extraordinary year for humanity.

That’s when we realized that Liver Medic marries beautifully with my sister’s work. Her ability to help people understand the impact of stress and trauma in modern life and incorporate daily, accessible practices that work is exactly what my clients are looking for.

For many years Alison has taken a Full 360 approach to her work, running live events and training for corporates all over the world including a well-being series for Ireland’s national airline – Aer Lingus.



Her award-winning book, Minding Mum, was the first complete self-care book for new mums, focusing on the importance of mom’s health postpartum and we have some really exciting products launching in the area.

Our primary focus is to create an online community of Where Hearts Unite where we will be offering coaching services, meditation classes, live Q&A sessions, and special offers to help you truly transform your health and heal from within.