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60 Bovine Capsules/Bottle

  • Supports stable blood sugar
  • Promotes proper absorptions of sugar and insulin
  • Contains vital nutrients deficient in diabetics
  • Stimulates pancreatic cell growth
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SUGAR BALANCE [60 bovine capsules] – contains natural ingredients and nutrition to support normal blood sugar range throughout the day, promoting stable energy and mood. This formula includes a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that promotes proper sugar metabolism, pancreatic health and contains critical nutrients deficient in those suffering from sugar instability.*

Sugar Balance in conjuction with Candida Complex™ is recommended for those with high sugar consumption.

Important Liver & Gut Connection
People who have type II diabetes are in most cases suffering from a poor performing liver. The liver is the regulating organ signaling the pancreas and monitoring blood/glucose levels. Sugar Balance was formulated to support our Naturopathic physicians who wanted to replace insulin for their patients, while addressing the main cause (leaky gut and fatty liver).

When looking to control type II diabetes, keep in mind your liver and gut health are likely sources of your condition. We recommend adding Hepatiben and possibly Candida Complex & Serrapeptase depending on your level of gut health.


Take 2 capsules with 8 oz. of water between meals. Typically this is mid-morning and afternoon.


Vitamin C – 50 mg
This vitamin is important in lowering sorbitol levels. Damage to cells in the eyes, kidneys and nerve cells are attributed to the build-up of this sugar.

Vitamin E – 15 IU
When we think of vitamin E we think of the most effective fat soluble anti-oxidant in the body. Free radical damage by diabetes often takes place in the blood vessels, nerves, etc. This is reduced when taking this fat soluble anti-oxidant.

Biotin – 300 mg
Studies have shown that when combined with Chromium, the effects are better blood glucose regulation as well as a reduction in fatigue and depression.

Magnesium – 125 mg
People are chronically deficient in magnesium and aside form it helping to improve sleep, it also has a profound effect on sugar stabilization. Its been found to help stabilize insulin levels in the body which will also help prevent dips in energy.

Zinc – 7.5 mg
Zinc has been found to mimic the effects of insulin by binding to their receptors when insulin is low. This has been shown to help in the balancing of blood glucose levels. Deficiency in Zinc has been associated in Type 2 Diabetics.

Manganese – 1 mg
Normalizes production and secretion of insulin. This helps in managing the unpredictable drops during the day.

Chromium (Chelate) – 67 mcg
Chromium helps insulin move into cells where needed. This is crucial in diabetic patients where this can be the limiting factor. The chelated form has the highest bioavailability.

Sugar Balance Blend – 416 mg
One of the most used herbs in ayurvedic medicine. Guggul is a known natural lipid regulating and immune modulating herb with rejuvenating powers. Studies show Guggul also promotes healthy cholesterol levels.

Bitter Melon (4:1 extract)
Traditionally used to regulate blood sugar levels within the normal limits for years. Bitter Mellon contains charantin, vicine, lectin and an insulin like compound polypeptide-p. Lectin also contributes to reduction in appetite.

Licorice Extract
Primarily used to promote gastrointestinal health as it soothes and tones the mucous membranes. Studies have shown kidney health also improves by incorporating licorice into the diet. Licorice is rich in flavonoids and is an antioxidant helpful in certain immune functions.

Stimulating insulin receptors, cinnamon promotes a stronger affinity for the blood-sugar lowering hormone. The body then needs to produce less insulin putting less stress not he pancreas and liver. This in turn, improves metabolic rate, and decreased inflammation. In addition, cinnamaldehyde, a component in cinnamon has been found to block the release of inflammatory agents.

Gymnema sylvestre
When translated literally means “sugar destroyer” in Hindi, Gymnema has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. It has been shown that Gymnema has a regenerative effect on pancreatic cells and curbs the craving for sweets. Though that’s not the main purpose. The gymnemic acids slow down the transition of glucose through the gut and into the body lending to a more steady level of blood sugar.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Reduces complications from a high sugar diet by enhancing detoxifying agents located around the body especially in the liver. High sugar diets cause toxins and the breakdown of insulin in large quantities.

Juniper Berry & Huckleberry
Thought to cleanse and promote healing within the pancreas, the organ that produces insulin.

A high natural source of corosolic acid, a plant-based insulin. Studies have shown that the corosolic acid improves blood sugar control in type II diabetics. It does this by stimulating the transport of glucose into the cells.

Been used by the Native Indians and ancient Romans to stabilize blood sugar for years.

Studies show Taurine reduces insulin resistance and has positive effects on neuropathy.

Studies have shown less insulin is required to get blood stabilizing affects. Indicating that it could be increasing cell sensitivity to the hormone.

Vanadyl Sulfate
This mimics insulin in the body and aids in the proper regulation of blood glucose levels.

Satisfaction GUARANTEED

If you don’t love our products, simply send it back for a full refund. We stand behind our products. Physician Tested, Approved and Endorsed.

Our products are formulated to improve liver function in proven ways. We use only the most effective natural ingredients based on scientific research and conveniently combine them in a few products, to maximize their benefits.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

7 reviews for SUGAR BALANCE

  1. Kathy

    So far, good product. Will be checking levels and progress as I go. Thanks for fast delivery!

  2. Tony

    Great products since I’ve been taking them I no longer need an insulin pump I watch my diet and take the pills I lost 50 lbs and have a clean bill of health thank you liver medic

  3. Olaitan Olukanni

    I have a sister that has fatty liver, and I want to know the right supplements for her, and how much it is?

  4. Jim, CA

    “I take this between meals and I feel more sustained energy than I did before. Now I have to cut back on carbs.”

  5. Brian, MO

    “This keeps me off the drugs which I don’t think is doing good things to my body longterm. Taking care of my highs and lows naturally makes me feel better.”

  6. Zach, NY

    “I need to order the other products for fatty liver, but taking Sugar Balance has given me confidence in the company. I am glad to see someone making natural supplements that are effective.”*

  7. Cheryl, VT

    “Wow, this worked! Next I am going to cut out coffee. Now that I can better control my energy during the day that’s next on the list. I have been suffering with adrenal fatigue and my Doctor says that’s got to go, but it was hard. I think this product makes it easier.”*

  8. Shannon, NV

    “I used to take cinnamon along with my short term insulin, but it wasn’t always effective. My sugar lows are much better with this product. Thank you.”*

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