• I have nothing but GREAT WORDS for Brendan and Liver Medic. Wish there were TEN stars to give. He knows his subject well – puts in many hours of research. Wonderful, effective. pure products. I received in depth advice for my Leaky Gut and Liver issues. Now much improved.  Never knew “starates” in vitamins are to be avoided (there are products without them). Grateful to have Liver Magic and Brendan there to help.

  • I used the Zen calm product and loved it, I was very relaxed the entire day and experience the significant dip in my anxiety levels. Also working with this company is an absolute pleasure would recommend to anyone!

  • Liver Medic is one of the most phenomenal products I have ever used. Hepatiben has helped my gut get back on track after days of using it. I’ve ALWAYS had issues my whole life until these last few months. Yeah I said it and yes that’s a poo emoji. I have many of my clients and friends on it and they will tell you just the same. Some other awesome side effects are clear skin-TONS OF ENERGY and as I mentioned earlier By far one of the greatest supplements on the market and I will miss any of my other vitamins before I miss taking this one.

  • I watched an infomercial on Leaky Gut by a doctor. The cost was over 120 dollars for one month supply. I found this leaky gut repair and for the cost so much less I took a chance on buying it. One pill, yes one pill. The next day the pain that has been plaguing me for over a year was gone. I am ordering my second bottle today. I have diverticulitis. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone with my problem.

    Damn, this actually heals the stomach and gut by repairing the lining. No more pain. No more acid reflux. It worked after 2 days! I can eat at night. I can sleep. No more prilosec or Tums!
    I feel good again! So can you! Yay!

  • Addressing my stomach issues for three year straight became a full time job. I came across a product similar to this one but twice the price on a website/diet I was following. I took it twice a day and over time, I finally had relief. You need to stay consistent for at least a month. I still take it daily to maintain. If I have an episode I go back to twice.

  • I take Zen Sleep and Zen Calm and find them both effective without any side effects. I’ve added Liver Medic’s Gut Health System to my daily routine with positive results. The Gut Health System came with a helpful reminder on proper dosage. I’m very happy to have found this natural organic product on the market.